Join The Team!

Why do you want to be Wisconsin’s next Secretary of State?

The Secretary of State’s office has fallen into disrepair and disfavor thanks to the neglect of Democrat Doug La Follette who has been in that office for forty-four years. The less he did, the more people forgot there was such an office. As I travel the state listening to voters, I keep hearing two things: We need a Secretary of State who will actually earn their taxpayer-funded paycheck and make this Constitutional office work again for the people, and the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) must be abolished and replaced with a new model. As your Secretary of State, these priorities will be my priorities. I am prepared to leverage my institutional knowledge and relationships to make sure this Constitutional Office supports election integrity, transparency and confidence, just like it does in many states across the country.

What makes you the best choice for Secretary of State?

Wisconsin need a strong candidate like me with a record of winning elections and delivering conservative results. I’ve won 6 general elections and authored over 50 bills that were signed into law. I recently received the CPAC Award for Conservative Excellence and boast a lifetime rating of 92% based on 143 votes that were tracked over the past 12 years. I have never lost an election, and I won’t be outworked by anyone in the August 9th primary election or the November 8th general election.

What are your ideas to make the office of Secretary of State work again?

My three point platform outlines my ideas for adding value to the office of Secretary of State after decades of relative dormancy. Over 70% of my Republican colleagues in the Legislature have endorsed my campaign and am confident I can work with policymakers next session to transform this office into something we can all be proud of. Just the current duties alone can be upgraded to be more responsive to the public. We have a real opportunity here to utilize this constitutional office which is directly accountable to the voters, to rebuild trust, accountability, and transparency.