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You have spoken about the need for integrity in the Wisconsin elections process and the need to restore voter confidence. What’s wrong with the process?

Regardless of what anyone feels about the 2020 election results, the way the current Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) administered that election has raised serious questions and doubts about how it was managed. Even Wisconsin’s non-partisan Legislative Audit Bureau has said some actions taken were inconsistent with state law and administrative rules. WEC is broken and must be replaced. No one in the WEC office is accountable to the voters and that needs to change.

What can you do as Secretary of State to make that change? Currently, Wisconsin’s Secretary of State Office doesn’t have any election authority.

According to the Institute for Reforming Government, thirty-three states give elected officials oversight of their election process and twenty-five of those utilize their Secretary of State to do so. Wisconsin is not one of them; it should be. As Secretary of State, I would advocate for a new model of overseeing and administering elections in Wisconsin that puts election integrity and transparency at the forefront, follows Wisconsin election law to the letter and provides top-notch training and support to our local election officials. This makes the Secretary of State’s office directly accountable to the voters every four years unlike the current WEC system.

Why are you the best choice for Secretary of State in Wisconsin?

I am the only candidate with a record of results as an elected official demonstrated by successful enactment of 51 bills I authored over the course of my 12 years of service in the Wisconsin State Assembly. People know I have integrity and a strong work ethic and can be trusted to deliver results. I will add value to the office of Secretary of State after decades of relative dormancy. Just the current duties alone can be upgraded to be more responsive to the public. We have a real opportunity here to utilize this constitutional office which is directly accountable to the voters, to rebuild trust, accountability, and transparency.