Join The Team!

Business Class Service

First, I'd like to modernize business services provided by the Secretary of State. There are currently only a few remaining duties, and the website is ancient and not user friendly.  I’d love to implement fast, secure, electronic processes and provide business class customer service as your Secretary of State

Check on WEC

Second, I would like to see the Secretary of State serve as a check on WEC - that’s the Wisconsin Election Commission - and help restore voter confidence in our election process.  A majority of states in the US have Secretaries of State who administer elections.  Wisconsin should look at ways to utilize this constitutional office that is directly accountable to the voters of Wisconsin to ensure election integrity at all levels.

Asset to BCPL

Finally, I want to make sure our Board of Commissioners of Public Lands - the BCPL- is transparent and productive.  As your Secretary of State, I would serve on this small, 3 person Board which oversees over a billion dollars in state assets and  76,000 acres of land.  I want to ensure that BCPL investments are both protected and maximized so they can continue to benefit local units of government, the common school fund, the timber industry, and outdoor enthusiasts for years to come